In my book under the section, “Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Smoothie Prep”, number one on my list is investing in a powerful blender.

vitamix smoothieThough any blender will eventually do the job, not all blenders are created equal. I personally love my Vitamix (they start at around $400 brand new) which has a 2 horse power motor. This thing can grind a 2×4!

Once you make the investment, it will most likely be the last blender you ever purchase.  Over time, you may come to give your Vitamix a personal name as part of your family!

Besides smoothies, my wife and I also use our Vitamix for things like homemade coconut milk, hummus and a variety of soups.  This powerful tool will save you so much time…and time = money.

Check out the Vitamix and get free standard shipping (savings of $25 in US and $35 in Canada) when you buy from my link here:

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